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Welcome to my online home. 

Home is where the heart is and while that is Wales (just check out our flag, it’s a bloody dragon 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿  )  my second home has always been online. 

It’s been the bodybuilding.com forum where I learned about health, fitness, and building websites (Big-up the misc section!). 

Even rugby subreddits and slack communities. 

Being part of these online communities took a young 16-year old boy from a coalmine village in West Wales to running multi-million-pound companies. I’m not saying this out of ego or to show off but you have to know the truth of my journey otherwise why would I bother with this site? 

I’m the CEO of Rugby Warfare – a rugby clothing brand that has served over 100,000 people but more importantly creates high-quality products for a market I’ve always been passionate about. We hire a few people. 

I’m the co-founder and architect of Live Like Louise, a health and fitness company that’s helped over 50,000 women to date (and some men!). 

I’m also a Pn1 Certified Nutrition & Behaviour coach. 

The people I’ve met and the skills I’ve developed are far more important than any title or financial achievement though. Money can buy many experiences but not genuine authentic ones that have developed through passion, hard work, and consistency. 

The skills and knowledge I’ve gained in building businesses have opened countless doors.  

One example is when I moved to San Francisco, I created a touch rugby tournament between Facebook, Google, Apple & Tesla!

All employees who took part are pictured above. 

I was meeting the most talented people in the world while having fun playing rugby.

I managed to combine my love for rugby, business, and Silicon Valley (mainly Apple & Steve Jobs). Which I think is cool as f***. 

*Tesla won if you wanted to know! 

You can watch a preview of the tournament below and the full video of how it unfolded here. 

New Zealand All Blacks players have messaged me wanting some items from my brand. Crazy!

Pictured below meeting Ofa who plays for the All Blacks. The full episode features the meeting here

I’m in business with Ryan Libbey & Louise Thompson (off Made in Chelsea), a combination that never would have happened if I didn’t start Rugby Warfare. 

We’ve transformed thousands of lives through health and fitness. 

The blog “bodyrecompisition.com”, is owned by the world’s number one expert in health and fitness, Lyle Mcdonald.

I chat with Lyle each month and will be working with him on his website. (18-year-old Scott would have been mindblown by this). 

These micro windows of opportunity don’t come unless you make connections across the world. 

That’s why learning from online communities is vital. It’s even more important moving forward due to this pandemic. 

So here is where my unique intersection of skills lie, and where I believe I can help you. 

Whether that’s in business (by following my Youtube channel and articles here), in health and fitness (with Live Like Louise) or general knowledge sharing and wisdom on my newsletter or Instagram

So below are my 3 skillsets that cross-over and that is where this website lies, at the intersection of it all. 


  • How am I qualified for this title? Pn1 Certified & have helped over 50,000 people in 2 years 
    • I combine the knowledge of following a nutrition system that fits into a busy lifestyle (without restriction) with guidance, leadership and action steps on moving forward. I learn from the best experts in the world and will always have a student mindset. I will always be learning and passing on this knowledge. A good coach is always learning! 


  • How am I qualified for this title? I have grown Rugby Warfare from scratch, built Live Like Louise up from my playbooks, and have done consulting for many successful companies. 
    • Being an entrepreneur with no financial backing or a wealthy family to fall back on is a breeding ground for some unique skills. There is a massive risk in being an entrepreneur without any assets or money to cover you if it fails. With no safety net, everything is on the line every single day. The pressure, the excitement, the stress, the ability to cope, and the mindset all develop in unique and rapid ways. I have been working mainly alone since 2016. In my own mind, wandering the world, listening to myself, being self-aware, learning, growing, and developing an inner fortress that I believe can only be forged when there’s no safety net and everything to lose. What’s been a constant in my entrepreneurship journey is health & fitness. My first ever dabble in business online was building a fitness website when I was 16/17. My passion for learning and helping others was crazy and I’ve always weaved in and out of business and fitness since then. The accumulation of a decade of inter-weaving led to the system of Live Like Louise that I truly believe is a game-changer in the industry. 

Growth Mindset

  • How am I qualified for this title? The more time I spend getting to know others the more I realise how much of a learner I am. I am always reading, growing, learning, applying, listening. This is life-long for me. Passion is learning.
    • I am always learning from others and I’ve made connections with some of the leading experts in the world in health, fitness, psychotherapy, mindset, Stoicism, business, marketing, and more. I am willing to always take risks in investing in my own learning and am committed to it like nothing else. My ego is little at this stage, I know I’m not the best at anything but I’m willing to seek out the best to learn from. The consistency of my learning helps with the consistency of my application in business and fitness. This is a lifestyle for me and it is the perfect match for my other passions – business, rugby & health/fitness. The more I teach the more I learn.  My cup is always empty, I am always open to learning from others with an open-mindset that translates into successful moves in business, life, and helping others. 


I’ll be sharing my wins, my playbooks, my losses, and everything in-between.

I hope that this website can be an influence on your life. 

It won’t take you from A to Z, but it doesn’t have to.

A to B is enough.

Enjoy the ride and get started by joining my “weekday wisdom” email list below. 

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