About Me

Welcome to my online home. 

An about page that’s not written in the 3rd person as if they are Dwayne The Rock Johnson and one that’s not going to bore you to death. 

Whilst these pages may come off egotistical, the goal of mine is to simply give you a recap of my journey so far and if it resonates with you, let’s connect. The world needs more collaboration. 

At 15/16 I jumped into the online fitness space. Learned all I could, set up my own fitness website (which I later sold) and has a jump start on e-commerce, SEO, and discussing topics that fascinated me about health & fitness with the top people at the time. People I’m fortunate to have worked with since after starting Turtle Method. 

Being part of these online communities took a young 16-year old boy from a coalminer village in West Wales to running 2 companies that make combined millions in revenue each year. 

Growing up in a council estate in a poor region of the UK gives you a superpower later in life. The work ethic, determination, grit and no safety net pushes you to levels the born-rich can’t fathom. 

I wouldn’t change a thing about my upbringing. The unique collection of villages in our valley (in welsh “Y Cwm”) was an unreal place to grow up. 30–40 kids playing on the streets each night. Rugby games between the rival villages. An English and Welsh secondary school at the heart of the valley. A unique combination I’ve realised speaking to others about their upbringing. 

What I do

I’m the founder of Rugby Warfare – a rugby clothing brand & performance company that has served 25,000 customers to date. I started this after I sold my fitness website whilst in University and it’s given me so much in my life. 

I’m the co-founder and CEO of Turtle Method, a health and fitness company that’s helped over 1000,000 women to date. We’ve also developed a unique and innovative health app with AI capabilities. We’ve developed a hybrid approach, merging an online centralised community with local regions across the UK. 

Life Sensei – Turtle has naturally become a mostly female community (99%) and it’s worked magically. Female specific advice, chats and experts has helped countless women feel at home with Turtle. So Life Sensei is the male version where we will bring in male specific chats and help give the average man a chance to get fit, strong and mentally resilient. None of this alpha male bullshit, a safe space for men to chat and improve. 

I’m also a Pn1 Certified Nutrition & Behaviour coach. 

The people I’ve met and the skills I’ve developed are far more important than any title or financial achievement though. Money can buy many experiences but not genuine authentic ones that have developed through passion, hard work, and consistency. 

The skills and knowledge I’ve gained in building businesses have opened countless doors.  

One example is when I moved to San Francisco in 2018, I created a touch rugby tournament between Facebook, Google, Apple & Tesla!


All employees who took part are pictured above. 

I was meeting the most talented people in the world while having fun playing rugby. 

I managed to combine my love for rugby, business, and Silicon Valley (mainly Apple & Steve Jobs). Which I think is cool as f***. 

*Tesla won if you wanted to know! 

You can watch a preview of the tournament below and the full video of how it unfolded here. 

New Zealand All Blacks players have messaged me wanting some items from my brand. Crazy!

Pictured below meeting Ofa who plays for the All Blacks. The full episode features the meeting here


I’m in business with Ryan Libbey & Louise Thompson (off Made in Chelsea), a combination that never would have happened if I didn’t start Rugby Warfare. 

We’ve transformed thousands of lives through health and fitness. 

You can only connect the dots looking backward. 

And that’s it, really!

I’ll share articles here from time to time.

You can contact me on scott@scottflear.com. 

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