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The Evergreen Daily Email System

Recently presented at the World's #1 Facebook Ads Strategist Nicholas Kusmich's Mastermind.
This is what Nicholas Kusmich has to say about the strategy:

Reviews of my presentation:

The Evergreen Daily Email System


I was skeptical at first about a daily email strategy but after Scott explained the psychology behind the emails, how to do them and topics to cover I was eager to give it a shot. Not only is the daily email strategy in itself super powerful but the strategies Scott used to connect the daily email strategy with his Facebook ads strategy is super smart and effective. The daily email sequence didn't make as many people unsubscribe as I thought it might have, and the ones that did were dead weight on the list anyway. Our numbers look better than ever! That and with the template Scott provided for content ideas, I never have to worry about what I'm going to say on a daily.

Aaron Biblow
Video Flywheel Co-Founder


Scott’s Daily Email Strategy is a great way to really connect with your audience and actually make sales by doing so. When you apply this strategy you become part of your clients’ life simply by supporting them on a daily basis, and the conversion rates show that the combination of giving out value and soft-selling really works. A simple and budget-friendly strategy that absolutely rocks!

Johannes Klemeyer
Founder and CEO of crossculture2go

Now you probably want to see my credentials before you waste another second on how I can help you skyrocket your business performance (all on your own!)

Multi-million pounds companies I've worked with/for:

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Founder & CEO

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Co-Founder & CMO

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SEO & FB Ads Manager

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Digital Operations & Performance

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Performance Marketing Manager

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SEO Manager

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You want a system that can be plugged into your business (or used to start it) that you can do by yourself.

No more wasting money hiring agencies, freelancers, courses and so forth.

It's time for you to

take power in your own hands.


I've been a student of the game for over a decade and I've always learned from the best in each segment of marketing.

SEO? Learned from the best

Facebook ads? Yep, learned from the best.

Email marketing? You got it, learned from the best.

Copywriting? Yep, studying the greatest in the game.

E-commerce? The best.

I've sold millions in both digital and physical products.

And no matter which industry, at least 30% of all revenue comes from email.

I'm not saying these figures to try and "show-off"; they are small compared to others in the game.

However, I've done this solo.

No marketing or content teams whatsoever.

Many people will say you need to hire agencies for ads, a copywriter, an SEO, and pay for social media management. I say bullshit.

If you can learn what you need from each and apply it within a system that works, you can do it yourself.

And once you scale? You can hire more effectively too because you know more

The system:

My email strategy wouldn't work without the SEO, Facebook ads, and copywriting techniques.

You could spend your life studying copywriting or FB ads and still be learning.

However, that's not your goal in business.

Knowledge is not power.

Specific knowledge with

lightning-fast action is power.

You need speed, but you need speed armed with the right knowledge.

The Pareto Principle is one I live by.

20% of something gives

you 80% of the results.

I've developed a strategy that utilises the most effective 20% of each segment to deliver 80% of the results.

The synergistic effect of combining each element delivers exponential results.

I spent years cracking this code, but you don't need to.

Do you want to skip the years of learning and testing and get straight to the fucking magic?

I bet you do.

But what you'll find is one person specialising in one segment, this doesn't give you the complete picture you need.

I'll help you build that picture, a bloody good one too.

Just look at these numbers:

Taken from my email software tool for one of my businesses.

What does this mean for you?

Are you fed up of having to depend on others to grow your business?

Do you wish you could get on with it and do it yourself?

Want to 10x your value?

You've come to the right place

If I had the chance to learn all of this at 18, I can't imagine what my life would be like right now.

You need to trust your gut and start learning from people that have been in the trenches.

There are enough fancy boys in BMW i8s out there not making any real cash.

They don't have any real skill, maybe selling affiliates, but that's it.

If you want true respect, you need to build a real business

by spearheading the growth and</strong >
develop yourself.

No more wanting that BS lifestyle of passive income dropshipping products.

No more taking advice from any of those people.

They do not know what they are on about.

You need to build a system that is bulletproof and will last.

A system you can "plug and play" into any business and get results like lightning.

Now, enough talk, more action.

If you want lightning-fast results, then read on:

First and foremost, I’m not taking on any new clients at the moment, so you can’t work directly with me.

However, you can get on my daily email list where I’ll be giving away insane value on how to build your business, create profitable FB ads, rank highly in Google for your search terms, how to build out teams, and more….

But more than just that, I’m going to be sharing all my latest moves in business and being fully transparent with what I’m doing. You’ll see how much I’m spending and how much revenue it’s making. No BS figures. Some days will be shit, but that’s business!

Join my daily email list here.

And if you're on the fence, then listen to this:

It takes ONE small action to kick start the biggest positive chain reaction of your life.

Don't f*** around with youtube videos, blog posts, online courses that cost £19 on Udemy.

You may get some value, but you won't get the entire systems behind multi-million-pound companies that can scale.

Your first step is simple.

Join my list and take action from my emails.

See you on the inside

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Since using this email strategy, almost immediately we started to see even more sales come in. I'm talking hundreds of dollars within the first 3 days.

Victor Vento
CEO of Ventobo

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